Installing Jolt is a simple process. Before you begin, ensure that you have access to your hosting control panel and that your web server uses Apache or Nginx, along with MySQL. Follow the steps below to install Jolt.


  • Apache/Nginx Web Server
  • PHP > 7.2
  • MySQL

Downloading and Uploading

  • Step 1: Download Jolt
  • Step 2: Upload the downloaded Jolt zip file to your hosting control panel public folder or subfolder.
  • Step 3: Extract the zip file.


create MySQL Database
  • Step 4: In your hosting control panel, create a MySQL database. Also, create a MySQL user with full permissions to the created database. Note down the MySQL Username, Password, and Database name or dbname (here is a detailed tutorial on how to create a MySQL database and assign user permissions).
  • Step 5: Open the folder where you extracted the Jolt zip file in Step 2 and go to the “jm-config” folder, then open the “db_config.php” file
  • Step 6: Replace the MySQL details you noted in Step 4 with the sample ones that exist in the “db_config.php” file.
change mysql database details
  • Step 7: If you installed Jolt in a subdirectory, like “,” go to “” in the web browser and click the “Create Database Tables” button.
run joltmailer script installation

User Account

  • Step 8: Once the database tables have been successfully created, click the “Create Admin Account” button.
  • Step 9: Create an administrator account and log in to your account.

Installation Completed.

NOTE: It is recommended to delete the install.php file after completing the installation process.

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