Jolt is a simple, lightweight, and self-hosted email marketing system designed for marketers looking for a minimalist email marketing tool. Built with PHP and MySQL, Jolt supports email subscription, newsletter sending, RSS-to-email automation, SMTP connection, etc.


Joltmailer is a minimal, yet efficient email marketing tool. It is targeted at marketers looking for a simple email marketing system

Email Subscription

Jolt comes with a free email subscription form WordPress Plugin. You can also add the HTML subscription form to your non-WordPress websites.

Email Confirmation

All email subscribers must confirm their emails (double opt-in). There is no option to disable double opt-in.


Email Subscribers can opt out of your email list with our simple built-in unsubscribe feature. This also ensures that you comply with data protection regulations like GDPR.

Email List

Available table with an email list of confirmed and unconfirmed email subscribers. You can manually delete a subscriber from the tables.

Email Link Click Tracking

Gain valuable insights into your campaign’s performance with our simple link-tracking feature.

RSS to Email Automation

Automatically send blog posts RSS feeds as a newsletter. Learn how this works.

Email List

Use any of our 5 simple HTML templates to send HTML emails.

Newsletter Editor:

Create and send plain-text newsletters using an existing editor

Import Subscribers

Import subscribers from an external source using a CSV file.


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