Nudgemail has announced that it is shutting down after more than a decade of operation. This is according to a shutdown email notification sent to users.

Launched in 2011 by Jeremy Toeman, Nudgemail grew to become one of the most reliable tools for sending email reminders without the requirement of setting up an account or installing additional software. To set reminders, you were only required to send an email, to any of Nudgemail’s scheduling email addresses.

For example, sending or forwarding an email to or using specific dates like December 21st, 2023 (noted as could set a reminder for the specified dates.

Nudgemail did not provide reasons as to why they are shutting down, but it appears to be linked to the limited adoption of its paid subscription plans. The majority of users found the features offered in the free plan to be sufficient for their needs. On the other hand, Nudgemail was struggling to stay afloat as it relied on costly third-party SMTP service providers to deliver volumes of email reminders.

Nudgemail Alternatives

If you are looking for Nudgemail alternatives, you might want to consider,, or

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