Proton Mail has introduced Proton Drive for macOS, which comes with end-to-end encryption of data and seamless file syncing.

Proton Drive for macOS

The introduction of Proton Drive for macOS makes it easy to sync macOS app files to Proton Drive’s cloud storage, ensuring accessibility across multiple platforms including Windows, iOS, and the web.

Before uploading your files and folders and their metadata to the cloud, Proton Drive ensures that they are end-to-end encrypted. It also implements cryptographic signatures to prevent tampering.

After syncing your files to Proton Drive cloud, they will be available in your device within the Proton Drive folder. All files stored in the cloud will have an icon that distinguishes them from those stored in your computer.

Any modifications you make to files within the Proton Drive folder in your computer will reflect across all devices linked to the Proton Drive account.

Proton Drive free plan offers storage space of up to 1 GB, while the cheapest paid plan, starts at $4.99 per month for 200 GB storage. Paid storage also supports archiving up to 200 versions of a file for 10 years.

For further details, read the announcement by Proton.