Protonmail has introduced a password-sharing feature in Proton Pass. The password sharing feature allows Proton Pass users to securely share their stored passwords with others for free.

How Proton Password Sharing Works

To share your passwords within Proton Pass, log into your account and click the user icon or the three dots located at the top right of your account. Then click share vault and you will be prompted to provide the recipient’s email and access levels.

You can revoke access to the vault by selecting the user’s email from the shared list and then remove access.

One password can be shared with multiple users using any email address, but for each user to access the password, they must have a Proton Pass account. This is not only limited to passwords, you can also share any confidential information stored in Proton Pass, including credit card details, tax information, invoices, and images

Proton Pass says that the shared passwords and details are protected with end-to-end encryption for security and privacy. This addresses the concern of sharing passwords to users via messaging apps that can be compromised, leading to password theft.