ProtonMail, an email service provider that positions itself as the most secure email service provider, an alternative to Gmail when it comes to privacy is building its blockchain technology for email authentication.

In an interview with Fortune Magazine, Proton Mail CEO indicated that the feature that is currently available on Proton private blockchain might be available to the public blockchain once it gets out of beta.

How it works

Before you send an email to a user, it is encrypted with the user’s public key which ensures that the email gets to the right user by validating whether the email belongs to the recipient’s public key. Once the user receives the email, they will also need to decrypt the email using their private key.  This ensures that there is no risk of a wrong recipient receiving an email and reading it.

Proton Mail users won’t be burdened with the task of having to manually search the recipients’ public keys for validation. Instead, the verification process will be integrated into the Proton ecosystem, automatically searching the recipient’s public key before sending.  If the recipient’s public key is unavailable, the sender will get a warning message of the risk that lies ahead.

This feature targets individuals and leaders dealing with sensitive and confidential information whose leakage or breach might significantly harm the business or public.