Skiff Mail has announced that it is in the process of rebuilding its macOS app with Swift. It says that the new macOS app will come with native integration for notifications, unread badges, upload/download, etc.

However, this announcement has sparked a debate among Rust and Swift users. While Swift fanatics endorse the decision, advocating for Swift’s benefits, Rust fans think Skiff should consider its decision primarily due to performance issues.

Swift advocates emphasize that it is the best language for building a macOS app because it is optimized for use with Apple’s frameworks, has extensive libraries, and has robust resources tailored for macOS app development. They also argue that Swift has excellent support within Apple’s IDE.

On the other hand, Rust enthusiasts argue that Swift cannot match the performance capabilities of Rust, and if Skiff cares about performance, they should consider Rust.

Despite the arguments, Skiff Mail is already in the advanced stages of rebuilding its macOS App with Swift.