Tutanota has announced that it has rebranded to Tuta. This comes after months of searching for a short and memorable name.

Tutanota’s Rebrand to Tuta

Tutanota initiated a plan to rebrand in 2022, as it sought to streamline its image. Some of the names that were suggested by the research team included “ethica,” “privacypro,” “privacypanda,” and “tuta.” The team finally settled on Tuta.com, which was acquired from a Brazilian domain owner.

While the name has changed to Tuta, Tutanota says that its core principles and commitment to safeguarding user privacy have not changed. Tuta positions itself as the best alternative to mainstream email providers like Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo when it comes to commitment to user privacy.

Some of the features that Tuta offers include end-to-end encryption, no-tracking policy, integrated calendars, the ability to use custom domains, event invites, auto-responders, and mobile apps, among others.

For those interested in exploring Tuta’s premium services, it offers pro plans starting at €3.60 a month.