WhatsApp accounts have long been tied to phone numbers, making account recovery a difficult task without access to the associated phone number. However, things are changing with a recent update.

WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature, which allows users to link an email address to their accounts. This feature, though not meant to change the existing foundation of WhatsApp, where accounts are primarily linked to phone numbers, introduces an additional layer of security and account recovery. Instead of solely relying on your phone number to recover your account, you now have the option to use your associated email address.

We are expecting Meta to reveal additional use cases of the email address in the future. Probably trying to link your email address with existing Meta social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

This feature will be more beneficial to travelers who might not be able to verify their WhatsApp accounts because they cannot receive an SMS verification code. This happens when your network does not support roaming services in all countries.

Currently, this feature is available to beta testers. WhatsApp has yet to provide official communication on when it will become accessible to all users.

Featured image source: Twitter/ @_Faslu_