According to Statista data, 0.1% of email subscribers unsubscribe from emails in the United States and 0.2 % in Australia. Data publishedby Neuailes Global also shows that the average email unsubscribe rate is 0.17% which is almost similar to Statista’s data.

Mailchimp’s study shows that the average industry unsubscribe rate is 0.28. The same data shows that industries with the highest unsubscribe rate are hobbies (0.40%), photo and video (0.40%), health and fitness (0.40%), restaurant and venue (0.39%), and construction (0.39%).

How to address high email unsubscribe rate

To address a high email unsubscribe rate, here are changes you should make:

Provide Value: Ensure that each email or message delivers value to subscribers. Whether it’s informative content, exclusive offers, or helpful tips, make sure it benefits them. This is very important.

Segment Your Audience: If you are running a large website with multiple topics, for example, business, technology, education, finance, etc, it may be that a subscriber read a business article and subscribed to your newsletter thinking that he will be receiving business updates only to be sent several updates on topics that he has no interest in. Divide your subscriber list into segments based on topic, interests, demographics, or behavior.

Change Frequency: Adjust the frequency of your emails or messages. Experiment to find the sweet spot where you’re not overwhelming subscribers, but still staying in touch enough to keep them engaged.

Personalize Messages: Use data to personalize messages. Tailor content based on subscriber preferences, behavior, or past interactions with your emails.

Set Clear Expectations: Be transparent about what subscribers will receive when they sign up. If you change the frequency, brand, or type of content, inform them beforehand. Doing this way will ensure that you only get subscribers that are willing to receive updates that you share.

Review Content Relevance: If any of the above steps do not fix the problem, you need to analyze the content you are sending. Ensure it’s valuable, engaging, and relevant to your audience. Ask for subscribers’ feedback or conduct surveys to understand their preferences better.

By implementing the recommendation above, you will significantly reduce the unsubscribe rate.